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21. August 1999

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Dies ist eine von Angelo gesprochene Einladung zum Konzert auf der Loreley, welche gleichzeitig auch als Eintrittskarte fungierte. Im Hintergrund läuft "Thunder (Live Version)".

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John Kelly

Lead Vocals

Angelo, Jimmy




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(Woooohhh, wow)

Hi, we're the Kelly Family
And we're really excited to be playing again at the Loreley
Because every time we give any concert in that venue
It's always been an unforgetable experience
This year we will be playing many songs from our new album "From Their Hearts"
But of course we will also play songs from our other albums
For example "An angel", "I can't help myself", "Fell in love with an alien"
And many more and by the way
We will also play some songs from my sister's new solo-album
"The best of Kathy Kelly"
So get ready for a legendary event and most impotantly
Have a lot of fun, thank you for listening
I'm Angelo Kelly and we're looking forward to seeing you
On 21st of August 1999 at 8 o'clock at the Loreley
See you then!

(I came down to see you but you were never there
You just left me lonely somewhere
I came down to love you but you were never there
You were always parting somewhere

Hold on, don't leave me lonely
Hold on, don't go without me
Hold on, don't leave me lonely

Tell me what's the game now I'm feeling kind of jealous
You're going out with friends now somewhere
I'm gonna get my guitar and strum down all the pain
I think I'm going crazy beware

Hold on, don't leave me lonely
Hold on, don't leave me lonely
Hold on, don't leave me lonely

I'm gonna let nobody, gonna let nobody love you, say
Gonna let nobody love, love you)